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                        The city of Linton is now offering High speed broadband internet service to the citizens of Linton and surrounding areas for residential and business purposes. So if you live in the Linton, Sandborn, or the surrounding areas, or know someone who lives there and is wanting broadband internet service, have them stop by Linton City Hall and fill out a free site survey form.

If you are interested in broadband internet service then give Miner Broadband a call. You can schedule a free site survey. The site survey includes coming to your residence and doing a test to see if you can receive a signal from our many towers. You may call the Linton Utility Office the set up a free site survey and get pricing (812) 847-4971.

Miner Broadband offers 24 hour technical support and custom installation of our equipment by trained professionals and quality staff. No time restriction usage so you can work and surf the internet without watching the clock. We will be updating this site in the future. Some pages are still under construction.  Feel free to download any of the software on this page, they are great utility programs.


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